Color Restoration

A major factor in curb appeal is the appearance of your roof. Is the color of your roof faded? You don't need to pay for a new roof. You can restore your roof to its original color, or even change the color for a better look.

Common Applications

American Rooftile Coatings (ARC) has developed a line of coatings, and an application process, which successfully restores roof color. ARC coatings have been used on thousands of homes. Our customers also range from large hotels, like the Marriott Laguna Cliffs, to historic restoration projects like the San Juan Capistrano Mission.

Roof Recycling and Landfill Conservation

Over 10 million tons of roofing waste goes into landfills each year. You could buy a whole new roof and arrange for the old roof materials to be recycled to conserve landfill space. But it is better to restore the color of an existing roof with ARC coatings. Concrete rooftiles will last over 100 years, and actually become stronger with age. The Roman aqueducts survive today because they are made of concrete. Restoring a roof with ARC coatings will conserve landfill space and reduce the environmental impact of producing new materials.

Rooftile Manufacturer Maintenance Guidelines

Manufacturers of concrete rooftiles typically recommend occassional power washing of the roof surface. This helps remove dirt, algae, mildew or moss. When the tile color is faded, or you want a different color, manufacturers recommend a primer and acrylic color coating as provided by ARC.

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